Day of Show


Check In

We recommend arriving an hour prior to your stage testing block to allow you time to check in and warm up. If you miss your stage testing time because of late arrival, additional time WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE.

If you are unable to attend stage testing at your assigned time, you MUST make alternate arrangements at least one week prior to the competition.

Step 1

Check in and sign all waivers at the registration table. This must be done BEFORE you proceed to stage testing. You will get a tour of backstage, dressing rooms, and other key areas when you check in.

If you are the guardian of a minor you are responsible to check them in and sign all their waivers.

Step 2

Check in with the Stage Manager, who will verify your music and stage name, and ask you to describe your starting position so your music can be started at the correct time.

Step 3

Check in with the Head Rigger and his team.

Stage Testing

When your name is called, you will be given a maximum of 2 minutes for stage testing.

If your apparatus requires additional time for the riggers to adjust, that time will not necessarily be deducted from your 2 minutes, at the judgment of the head rigger.

Your stage testing should include setting your height (if applicable) and familiarizing yourself with the feel of the apparatus and stage. You will not have enough time to go through your entire routine.

Aerial testing and pole testing will occur simultaneously so be aware of others on the stage.

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Setting Height

If you have never set height outside of your studio before, please inform the head rigger so his team can guide you through stage testing in more detail.

• Indicate about where you think the apparatus should be for your performance.

• Pull down firmly a few times to settle the apparatus.

• Ask for an adjustment to height, if needed.

• After being given permission by the rigger, mount the apparatus. Run through segments that allow you to get a feel for the apparatus.

• Ask for another height adjustment, if needed.

• Ask permission to re-mount the apparatus, if you got out for a height adjustment.

• FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: You will tell the rigger that you are going to perform the hang/drop/move that brings your head closest to the ground. This is the final chance for getting your height right. If the rigger feels the distances are not within an appropriate safety margin, you risk your rigging being pulled up mid-drop. This can be very disconcerting for aerialists who have not experienced that type of movement before, and it is disconcerting for the riggers who have to make that judgement call. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

Note: You will not be permitted to re-check your apparatus height immediately before your performance. Stage testing is the time to get it right.

Q: Do I need to stay at the venue all day between checking in and when I perform?

A. No. Just make sure you get back in plenty of time to perform! We recommend returning at least 90 minutes prior to your performance.

Q: What about snacks?

A. You are welcome to have water and sealed drinks backstage. Please be respectful of the venue space and clean up anything you bring, and please refrain from bringing entire (and smelly) meals backstage. NO ALCOHOL until AFTER you perform. If you are seen drinking before you perform you will not be allowed on stage.

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