Exotic Pole


Rules and Guidelines

  • Floor work not to exceed approximately 50% of exotic pole routines at all levels

  • No jumping from pole to pole at any level


  • 3 points of contact required at all times unless it is an upright spin

  • Upright spins do not need 3 points of contact

  • Not required to use both poles

  • No aerial inverts, can only invert from the floor (i.e. invert may not be initiated unless you are on the floor)

  • No drops

  • No handsprings


  • Use of both poles required

  • Aerial invert acceptable

  • Should demonstrate a spin combo of at least 15 seconds

  • No drops (i.e. release of full body on pole and then re-catching. “ball drop/ sad girl drop" OK.)

  • No handsprings

  • Must maintain 3 points of contact with pole while INVERTED


  • Use of both poles required

  • One handspring expected

  • Drops allowed

  • Should demonstrate a spin combo of at least 30 seconds

All Star

  • Use of both poles required

  • No move restrictions

  • One power move or one contortion move expected

  • Professional level of showmanship

Yoanna pole pdx 2019.jpg


  • Each level same as above for moves and skill

  • Doubles are expected to demonstrate synchronized movement and movement together but not synchronized

  • Unique and smooth transitions appropriate for level

  • A mix of strength and flexibility moves with each other

  • Equal sharing of base and flyer movements

  • Similar skill set within each person in the partnership (i.e. One advanced and one novice person in a single partnership not allowed.)


Poles are 45mm chrome XPoles. Spinning pole is stage right; static pole is stage left. Poles will not be adjusted for individual competitors.

Poles are approximately 14' in height and approximately 8' apart.

Pole Pixies will not apply grip aid to the poles. The poles will be cleaned with alcohol and water between each performance.

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