Did you read through the Rules, Categories and Competitor Packet pages and have more questions about competing?

We have answers! 

  • How old do I have to be to compete?

We are currently expanding our competition to accommodate performers as young as 5. We will group our Juniors as close to their age group as possible. Any junior that parents believe to have a skill set comparable to our adult divisions are welcome to compete in the adult division. A separate email will need to be sent to info@aerialympics.com following registration stating that you want them in the adult division. Any performer 12-17 is welcome to submit to any NON-exotic division. Performers 18+ may submit for any division.

  • Do I get a free ticket the day/weekend I compete?

You can watch the show for free the day you perform! You will need a ticket to watch the other days of the event. Should we sell out of seats you will be asked to give your seat to the people that have paid for tickets. (This is most common on the All-Star/ Exotic Night, so plan accordingly.) Performers are welcome to purchase a ticket if they prefer to ensure a seat. 

  • How old do I have to be to attend the Aerialympics?

All Ages are allowed to attend the All-Star and non-Exotic divisions. (Ticketing for young children will change per venue.) Exotic Divisions are not recommended for Children under 14, at parent's discretion. 

  • How do I know which level to choose?

Take a look at our Categories page! 

  • What pole is spinning and what pole is static?

If you are the performer looking out at the audience, the pole on your right (stage right) spins. The pole on your left (stage left) is static.  Additional details on the stage layout are available on the Competitor Packet page.

  • What is the size, diameter, make of the lyra? How long are the span sets and can I use them in my choreo?

Our standard is a 36-inch, 1-inch in diameter, solid, double-tab, or single tabbed steel Lyra, wrapped but not padded, on 6-foot span sets. We will provide a 33-inch or a 38-inch to be used with proper notice and pre-approval for height requirements. You MAY use the span sets for choreography! You may not touch the rigging above the span sets. You must specify in your registration if you would like single tabbed or double tabbed. 

  • Am I allowed to touch the rigging/truss?

No. For your safety and the safety of the other performers and staff, you are not allowed to touch the truss or rigging.

  • What is the silks fabric? Length and width? 

Silks will be approximately 23' from the rig point (may vary slightly per venue) and will be hung from a rescue 8 on a single swivel. Silks are a medium stretch Nylon Tricot fabric, 108 inches wide and white. 

  • What is the hammock fabric? Length and width?

Hammock will be approximately 8-10 feet (may vary slightly per venue) and will be hung using 2 "O" rings and a single swivel. Height from bottom of the hammock to floor will be set by competitor at stage testing. Fabric is low/medium stretch Nylon Tricot, 108 inches wide and white. 

  • Can I bring my own aerial apparatus?

Not for regular divisions. Due to our insurance restrictions, only Aerialympics, LLC, equipment will be used for any Aerialympics event. HOWEVER -- if you are competing in the Specialty Apparatus division, we can arrange to inspect your apparatus and add it to our approved list. The Specialty Apparatus division is a great place to push for the apparatus you love to be part of the Aerialympics on an ongoing basis. *Any specialty apparatus that is deemed unsafe or un-riggable will not be allowed. Aerialympics rigging team reserves the right to deny such apparatuses. No refunds will be given due to faulty or un-riggable apparatuses.

  • How long until I get my photos and video back?

We strive to have photo and video packets going out 3 weeks following each event. Packages are prepared and distributed in order of purchase.