Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I bring my own aerial apparatus?

A. Not for regular divisions. For standard divisions, only Aerialympics, LLC, equipment will be used for any Aerialympics event.

HOWEVER–if you are competing in the Specialty Apparatus division, we can arrange to inspect your apparatus and add it to our approved list.

The Specialty Apparatus division is a great place to push for the apparatus you love to be part of the Aerialympics on an ongoing basis.

Q: Can you tell me if a specific move is acceptable for a specific level? Can I send a video for your opinion?

A. No. Because this could create an unfair advantage or conflict between what the Aerialympics staff sees on your video and what the judges perceive when you are onstage, we cannot make rulings on specific moves.

However, you are welcome to ask for clarification or re-statement of the rules. You might also ask for opinions from other competitors in the FB performers’ group.

Q: Do I need a stage name?

A. Stage names are not mandatory but they are suggested for anyone interested in maintaining privacy. Names of winners will be posted on the website. Names of competitors will be announced and posted onstage during the competition. Names may be used other places. Stage names are one way to promote your personal brand while protecting your privacy.

Q. Can I add a stage name after registering?

A. Yes! Email us with your request up to one week prior to the competition.

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Q: Where can I find the most current information?

A. Because we learn and adapt with each competition, information might differ between the competitor packet, website, etc. To receive the most current information, do the following:

1. Join the competitor page on Facebook. Changes and updates will appear there first.

2. Make sure the email address you sign up with is one you check. We will send you several emails through the course of any event.

Q: Can I do swinging or circling movements on rigged apparatus (silks, lyra, hammock, etc.)?

A. Yes! The rig point can safely handle these types of loads. However, you should keep in mind that you’re sharing the stage with 2 poles. They are kept behind a curtain during aerial acts so that your pictures and videos look great, but you’ll want to allow for a distance of 8 feet from the point to a pole in our smallest venues. At Nationals we have more space so you can figure on a minimum of 10 feet.

Q: Is a pulley or motor available for use in my act?

A. No. Heights are fixed.

Q: Is the competition open to competitors outside the US?

A. Yes! Anyone is welcome to sign up. However, you must take care of your own Visa for entry into the US. Aerialympics staff is not currently equipped to help with Visa requests.

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