Rules and Guidelines


  • No drops of any kind

  • No standing in hammock

  • No aerial inverts (if you are wrapped in the hammock it is considered assisted and is ok as long as you are not standing)

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the bottom of hammock


  • Demonstration of at least one drop expected

  • No kamikaze drops

  • No deadman drops

  • No open wrap drops

  • At least one aerial invert expected

  • Demonstrate proficiency in bottom of hammock and standing in hammock


  • Demonstration of at least 1-2 drops expected

  • No kamikaze drops

  • At least one aerial invert expected

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the bottom, standing and aerial in the hammock

All Star

  • No kamikaze drops

  • At least one straight leg and arms inverts expected

  • At least 2 drops expected

  • Demonstrate proficiency and balance in the bottom, standing and aerial in the hammock

  • Balance of strength and flexibility

  • Professional level of showmanship

Izabelle adv hammock slc reg 2019.jpg


  • Each level same as above for moves and skill

  • Doubles are expected to demonstrate synchronized movement and movement together but not synchronized

  • Unique and smooth transitions appropriate for level

  • A mix of strength and flexibility moves with each other

  • Equal sharing of base and flyer movements

  • Similar skill set within each person in the partnership. (i.e. One advanced and one novice person in a single partnership not allowed.)


Hammock is provided by competition production management. Outside hammocks are not permitted. Hammock is approximately 8-10 feet (may vary slightly per venue) and is hung using 2 "O" rings and a single swivel.

Hammock is white, 108” wide, nylon tricot low/medium stretch fabric hung from a swivel and a single rigging point approximately 23' above the stage, depending on available rig points in the venue.

Hammock competitors may specify the height from the stage of the lowest point of the hammock either at stage testing or before via email.

If height is not specified via email or at stage testing it will automatically be set to 60 inches from the ground.

Last-minute height specifications (after stage testing has closed) will not be permitted.

Q: What are levels?

A: Levels of the hammock are considered bottom, standing in, and aerial.

Brandon S hammock fitcon.jpg