Important Dates


Detailed Schedule

A detailed schedule of events, including stage testing and arrival times, is distributed for each event approximately one week following the close of registration.

An updated schedule is shared online within one week of the event.

Close of Registration

Registration deadlines are posted on event pages. Registration will close earlier if we receive the maximum number of performers we can put onstage prior to the posted close of registration.

Changes to Registrations

Should you wish to change levels or divisions, you may do so one time free of charge before close of registration.

Changes must be requested via email BEFORE the event registration closes. No changes will be made following the close of registration, no exceptions.

Should you be unable to compete, we cannot grant transfers or refunds for any reason.

Music Due Date

Music is due approximately 3 weeks prior to each event. Music due dates are posted on event pages.

Prop Approval Due Date

Prop descriptions and photos are due approximately 2 weeks prior to each event. Prop due dates are posted on event pages.

Photo/Video Purchase Cutoff Date

You can purchase photo/video packages as long as the link is up on the website -- typically 2 weeks after then end of the competition. Packages are sent out in the order they are purchased and can take up to 90 days to finalize.

Judge Feedback

Feedback will be emailed as soon as it can be compiled -- typically within 3 weeks of the end of the competition.

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