We love our junior performers and attendees!

Our competition has accommodated performers as young as 5.

Juniors use the same equipment as adult divisions. Very small children have successfully performed on our standard fabrics. Smaller children (and adults) are permitted to request the 33” lyra for their performance. The 33” lyra is available as either a single-tab or double-tab lyra.

The use of a crash mat is mandatory for all juniors, all levels, no exceptions. This includes juniors competing in adult divisions.

We will group our Juniors as close to their age group as possible. Any junior that parents or coaches believe to have a skill set comparable to our adult divisions are welcome to compete in the adult division.

A separate email will need to be sent to info@aerialympics.com following registration stating that you want them in the adult division.

Any performer under the age of 18 is welcome to submit to any NON-exotic division. Juniors are not permitted to compete in the exotic division.


Designated Adult

Juniors are permitted and encouraged to have one adult (i.e. coach or parent) backstage with them during stage testing, warmup, and performance. The designated adult is not permitted to be onstage with the performer at any time, including stage testing.

If the junior’s designated adult is disruptive or violates the Code of Conduct in any way, they will be asked to leave the competition venue. Deductions or disqualification may be applied to the junior’s performance at Aerialympics staff discretion.

Q: How old do I have to be to attend the Aerialympics?

A: All ages are allowed to attend the amateur, All Star and non-Exotic divisions. Exotic divisions are not recommended for children under 14, at parent's discretion.

Q: Do I need to purchase a ticket for my baby/young child? If I am the Designated Adult, do I need to purchase a ticket?

A: Yes. All attendees must be ticketed.

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