Rules and Guidelines


  • Novices may not invert to the top of the lyra

  • Any basic mounts are acceptable

  • No drops

  • Proficiency under and in the lyra


  • Proficiency under and inverted to the top of lyra

  • Expected to demonstrate at least one drop

  • One type of invert in lyra

  • Expected to demonstrate at least one move with only 2 points of contact


  • Proficiency under, in, inverted, and on top of lyra

  • Demonstration of 1-2 drops expected

  • At least 2 types of inverts expected one with straight


All Star

  • Demonstration of at least 2 drops expected

  • 2 types of inverts expected one with straight legs and straight arms

  • Show proficiency under, in, and on top and balance of lyra

  • Balance of strength and flexibility

  • Professional level of showmanship

Q. What is considered a drop for lyra?

A. When you cannot control the speed and momentum with your hands or legs. Going one level of the lyra to the next with momentum.

Q. Is a hip drop an acceptable intermediate drop?

A. Yes. Partial release is acceptable in intermediate.

Q. What is considered a mount for lyra?

A. A lyra mount is anything a performer does to get inside of the lyra from the floor.

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  • Each level same as above for moves and skill

  • Doubles are expected to demonstrate synchronized movement and movement together but not synchronized

  • Unique and smooth transitions appropriate for level

  • A mix of strength and flexibility moves with each other

  • Equal sharing of base and flyer movements

  • Similar skill set within each person in the partnership (i.e. One advanced and one novice person in a single partnership not allowed.)


Lyra is provided by competition production management. Outside lyra will not be permitted.

Our standard is a 36” double or single point tabbed lyra (to be specified at competitor registration and at stage testing). The lyra is made of 1” solid steel and will be wrapped but not padded, on 6-foot spansets. Spansets are attached to the tabs of the lyra using shackles. Spansets are not choked to the lyra. At the far end from the lyra, the spanset is connected to a single swivel via locking carabiner.

When the competitor’s height requires it, competition production management may provide a 38” or 33” double or single tab lyra. Exceptions may be requested via email or at stage testing.

Competitors may specify the height from the stage to the lowest part of the apparatus either at stage testing or before via email.

You MAY use the span sets for choreography! You may not touch the rigging above the span sets.

Q. What is considered an invert for lyra?

A. An invert is anything done inside or on top of the lyra once inside/on the lyra where hips are lifted over the head.

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