Your entire act must fit within your time allotted. This includes any performance before and after your music plays. Maximum music length assumes all performance takes place during your music. There is no minimum time requirement.

If your final edit exceeds the maximum length allowed for your division your music will not be accepted and your chosen song will not be reserved.

Maximum Time Allowance:

  • Novice – 3:00

  • Intermediate – 3:30

  • Advanced – 4:00

  • All Star – 4:30

Submit music as described in the competitor packet.

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Q: Can I use the same song if I’m in a different category or on a different day?

A: Sorry, no duplicates! We may accept covers or remixes, at the discretion of the Aerialympics staff.

NO duplicate songs will be allowed!

Your song is only considered reserved once we have your approved MP3 or M4a file and added it to the Approved Music List. Songs will be considered in the order in which they are received, so don’t delay in sending in your song choice!

You will receive a link to the Approved Music List soon after you register. Please check the list prior to submitting your song. When your song is accepted you will receive an email letting you know it has been added to the Approved Music List.


ALL NON-EXOTIC music must be a clean/radio edit version. No profanity, derogatory language, explicit or suggestive content will be accepted. While we do our best to respect the creative choices of each performer, even radio edits may be rejected at the discretion of the Aerialympics team. Exotic levels may have adult language or content, within reason.

Submit your music on time!

Music received 7 days late will be given a 1 point deduction from your final score for each day it is late.

Music 8-10 days late will be charged a $45 late fee and an additional 3 points will be deducted from your final score on top of the first 7.

Music beyond 10 days late will not be accepted. Late fees will be payable by an invoice sent from Aerialympics via PayPal and must be paid before taking the stage.