Props and Grip Aids



Props are considered anything that is not a top or bottom of the competitor’s costume. This does not include knee pads and shoes. Pole gloves ARE a prop and must be submitted.

Human props must follow all competitor rules for conduct and dress code. Human props may not touch the apparatus at any time, or assist the performer in any way that may be misconstrued as a doubles routine. No more than 3 human props are allowed.

Props may not be anything messy or hard to clean up, such as glitter, feathers, confetti, shredded paper, or liquid of any kind. No fire will be approved.

Competitors must be able to take all props on and off stage in one trip without assistance.

Send prop descriptions and photo with your name, category and level in the subject line of the email to

Any unapproved prop will result in disqualification.


Grip Aids

Only approved grip aids may be used. This is a list of the most popular approved grip aids.

If you use a different grip aid that is not listed here, email us or ask on the competitor FB page for your event to see if it’s cleared.

Popular approved grip aids:

  • Dew Point

  • Dry Hands

  • ITAC

  • Girly Grip

  • Prince Grip

  • Mighty Grip

Pole Performers:

No spray rosins may be used on pole.

Pole gloves may be used but must be submitted for approval as props.

Fabrics/Steel Performers:

Spray rosins may be used on fabrics and steel. Pole gloves may be NOT used.

makala novice pole art.jpg