Specialty Apparatus

Specialty Apparatus

from 45.00

IMPORTANT: Scroll down for details. This is an experiment we are introducing in Salt Lake City at the request of several competitors but it is different from other divisions in key ways that will affect you.

Novice $75

Intermediate $75

Advanced $75

All Star $85

Showcase with Feedback $65

Showcase NO Feedback $45

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Specialty Apparatus includes all aerial apparatus not listed in other competition categories. To participate in Specialty Apparatus you MUST have performer's insurance. You MUST provide your own apparatus. Specialty Apparatus will be judged against other Specialty Apparatus unless enough of one type of apparatus is entered, in which case they could make up their own division. For example, if you are a static trapeze performer and several other static trapeze performers sign up, we could separate static trapeze from the rest of the Specialty Apparatus division. Otherwise, it is conceivable that aerial frame could be judged in the same division as (for example) static trapeze and corde lisse.