Thank you for taking the time to carefully read these rules!

We understand the time it takes, and we know it can be frustrating when rules run counter to the creative ideas you might have for your performance. We hope, in these cases, you will use the competition's approach as a way to expand how you interact with your chosen apparatus. We cannot wait to see what you bring to stage and, as always, are grateful to have you on board!


  • No instructor may compete in any Novice category.

  • We reserve the right to adjust your category up or down based on our knowledge of your skill set.

  • Categories may be split if there are a large number of competitors. Category will be split by age.

  • If you intentionally choose a lower level than you know you belong you may be moved or invited not to compete.

  • Floor work is considered any time spent on the ground while not in contact with the apparatus.

  • Once your music file has been turned in, no changes will be made to your level or category.


Music Length

Maximum Allowance:

  • Novice – 3:00

  • Intermediate – 3:30

  • Advanced – 4:00

  • All-Star – 4:30

If your final edit is over length your music will be turned off at the maximum limit and you will receive a 2 point deduction. There is no music minimum. However, a shorter song length could negatively affect your ability to demonstrate you skills and artistic ability.

How to Submit Music

Music is to be sent to in MP3 or M4a format only. No other file types will be accepted. (i.e. YouTube links, Dropbox files, SoundCloud links, etc). File MUST be names with your stage name and your division. For example, if your name is Jane Doe and you are competing in Exotic Pole 2, your music file name would be JaneDoeexotic2.mp3. Duplicate songs will NOT be accepted, so don’t delay in sending in your song choice! You will be sent a link to approved and accepted songs after registration and with your competitor package. If your song is already on the list, you will need to choose another one. Once you send in your music file, no changes will be made to your level or category. no exceptions.


ALL NON-EXOTIC categories MUST have a radio/clean edit. No profanity or derogatory language or content will be accepted.
Exotic levels may have adult language or content, within reason. (The use of the “N” word or the “C” word will not be approved. One or two “F” words may be considered at the discretion of the competition organizers.)

Due Date for Music Submission

Music must be submitted by the date listed in your Competitor Packet. The competitor packet will be emailed to competitors as soon as it is available. Please make sure your current email address was used to register for the competition. Check that email address inbox and junk folder for the competitor packet and other information from the competition organizers on a regular basis leading up to the competition.

Music that is received 1-7 days late will be charged at $10 late fee and 1 point will be deducted from your final score for each day it is late. Music 7-10 days late will be charged a $45 late fee and an additional 3 points will be deducted from your final score including the first 7. Music beyond 10 days late will not be accepted.

Reserve Your Song Early

NO duplicate songs will be allowed! Your song is only considered reserved once we have your approved MP3 or M4a file.


  • Props are considered anything that is not a top or bottom of the competitor’s costume.

  • Human props must follow all competitor rules for conduct and dress code. Human props may not touch the apparatus at any time, or assist the performer in anyway that may be misconstrued as a doubles routine. No more than 3 human props are allowed.

  • Props may not be anything messy or hard to clean up, such as glitter, feathers, confetti, shredded paper, or liquid of any kind. No fire will be approved.

  • Competitors must be able take all props on and off stage in one trip without assistance.

Prop Approval

  • All props must be approved by the approval deadline listed in your Competitor Packet.

  • Props description and photo to be sent to with your name, category and level in the subject line of the email.

  • Any unapproved prop will result in disqualification.


  • Silks will be provided by competition production management. Outside silks will not be permitted. Silks will be a white, tricot medium-stretch fabric hung from a swivel and a single rigging point approximately 23' above the stage. Silks are white and will have a 0-2 foot tail pending stage set up and venue.

  • Hammock will be provided by competition production management. Outside hammocks will not be permitted. Hammock will be white, tricot low/medium-stretch fabric, 108 inches wide, hung from a swivel and a single rigging point approximately 23' above the stage and will be approximately 8-10 feet long. Hammock competitors may specify the height from the stage of the lowest point of the hammock either at stage testing or before via email. If height is not specified via email or at stage testing it will automatically be set to 60 inches from the ground.

  • Lyra competitors will not be permitted to use their own apparatus. Competitors may specify the height from the stage to the lowest part of the apparatus either at stage testing or before via email. Rigging on the apparatus will include a shackle, a 6 foot span set, and a swivel. Competitors are allowed to use the span sets in their performance, but not permitted to touch anything above the span set. Lyra is a 36-inch single or double tab that is wrapped but not padded. (tab preference is set at registration)  The only exception that may be considered is for height requirement (i.e. the necessity of a 38-inch or a 33-inch lyra. No 35-inch will be provided. All approved exceptions will be the same specs as above.) All exceptions MUST be approved via email no later than the date specified in the Competitor Packet.

  • Poles will be 45mm X-Poles. Spinning pole is stage right; static pole is stage left. Poles will not be adjusted for individual competitors. Poles will be approximately 14' in height and 8' apart. Pole Pixies will not apply grip aid to the poles. Poles will be cleaned with alcohol and water between each performance.


  • DO NOT TOUCH RIGGING! Performers may be disqualified and music stopped if touch is determined to result in an unsafe situation for performer, staff or guests, even if the touch is an accident. All performers are expected to follow instructions given by the head rigger with regards to rigging safety. (FUN FACT: On lyra, the spansets are considered part of the apparatus, not part of the rigging. Lyra performers may touch spansets but not the shackle, swivel, or other rigging attaching the spansets to the rig point.)

  • No additional people are permitted on stage with competitor from the time the music starts until it ends unless it is an approved human prop.. Any unapproved people on stage will result in disqualification.

  • Doing moves outside of your category can result in disqualification and/or stopping your music.

  • Should you fall: Do not move! Even if you think you are ok to do so, please remain still and where you are until a medic comes to you. Your music will be stopped and you will not be judged.


  • All NON-Exotic levels: No stripping. If you remove clothing, remaining clothing must meet minimum wardrobe requirements listed below and clothing removed must be approved as a prop. Props typically receive an emailed approval or rejection notice within 48 business hours of being submitted.

  • Bottoms must cover the minimum a swimsuit bottom would cover and not be lower than the pelvic bones at beginning of routine. Tops must cover at least as much as a standard sports bra. Normal riding up of clothing is understood; however, this movement is at the judges’ discretion and may result in deductions or disqualification. Should any private body parts be revealed while performer is on stage whether intentionally or unintentionally you will receive deductions or disqualification. Should the exposure be severe enough, your music may be stopped and you will be asked to leave the stage.

  • Heels are not permitted in fabric categories.

  • Fabrics: NO sequins, zippers, or anything rough or jagged that may snag or tear the fabrics will be allowed. If you are unsure, please email a photo to for guidance.

  • Exotic categories must comply with local laws. Boots allowed. Pasties MUST cover your entire areola. Should they fall off, it will result in deductions or disqualification. Any clothing stripped off is a prop.

  • Any items worn by competitors that are not a top or bottom is considered a prop and must be submitted for approval. This doe not include knee pads and footwear.

  • Shoes and knee pads are not props.

Grip Aids

Pole Grip Aids

  • Only approved grip aids may be used. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Dry Hands

    • Dew Point

    • ITAC

    • Girly Grip

    • Prince Grip

  • No spray rosins may be used on pole

  • Pole gloves may be used but must be submitted for approval as props

Fabrics/Steel Grip Aids

  • Only approved grip aids may be used. This includes:

    • Dry Hands

    • Dew Point

    • ITAC

    • Girly Grip

    • Prince Grip

  • Spray rosins may be used

  • Pole gloves may be NOT used on fabrics

Code of Conduct

Competitors are expected to comport themselves in a way that positively represents Aerialympics and the pole and aerial arts community.

  • If you are not onstage or inside the curtained competitor backstage area you must be dressed appropriately in warm-up or street clothes.

  • Public intoxication is not acceptable and you will not be allowed to compete if you display indications of alcohol consumption or drug use. This includes prescription medication that may make it unsafe for you to compete.

  • Language must be family-friendly. This includes music (non-exotic), costuming, props, clothing and conversations held in public areas.

  • Please be respectful of families attending the events and help them feel comfortable learning more about the circus fitness, aerial arts, and pole community.

  • Competitors are expected to be honest in representing their levels and abilities. We reserve the right to switch competitors’ categories or invite you not to compete, depending on the level of misrepresentation.

  • Be respectful to the people hosting and running the competition. You are expected to respond positively to requests and instructions from the competition staff. This includes stage managers, judges, hosts, venue employees, and all other competition and venue personnel.

Competitors who violate the Code of Conduct can be disqualified or invited not to participate in future Aerialympics events.


Judging is final. No discussion of judges’ decisions will be permitted. Because disrespectful behavior violates the Code of Conduct, plagiarism of choreography, disrespectful language or actions toward or about judges will result in disqualification.


Artistry- Creative skill or ability. Uniqueness of transitions on apparatus. Uniqueness of transitions on the floor if applicable. Uniqueness of transitions from apparatus to the floor. 0-max points.

*Floorwork is defined as any time that the performer is not in contact with their apparatus in anyway.

All non-pole performers are not required to have floorwork. However, it can add immensely to the performance as a whole.

Technical- Control of apparatus. Neatness, lines, toe point. Etc. 0-max points technical in to ex; great lines- low difficulty.

Difficulty - Specific details as it relates to the level, difficulty, and execution of the moves on an apparatus. Difficulty of individual moves. Difficulty of combos. Transitions.

Composition- This is the program as a whole. Composition, balance, cleanliness and presentation across the above categories no bias to any one of the categories etc. 0-max points

Deductions & Disqualification  

  • Non-approved props

  • Language

  • Touching rigging (intentionally or otherwise)

  • Costume malfunction (intentionally or otherwise)

  • Intentional stripping immediate disqualification

  • Falls and slips (depending on severity and judges may stop performance)

  • Doing a move you are not executing properly is a safety concern similar to falls and slips (judges may stop performance)

  • Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in disqualification

  • Plagiarism of choreography on your apparatus or on floor work can result in either a deduction or disqualification.

A copy of a sample score sheet and a more detailed breakdown of levels are available in the Competitor Packet. Please read these thoroughly before sending any emails with regard to these things.

Total Points possible per level

Total Score possible for All-Star level -135 points per judge. 405 points combined score max.

Total Score possible for Advanced level - 102 points per judge. 306 points combined score max.

Total Score possible for Intermediate level- 80 points per judge. 240 points combined score max.

Total Score possible for Novice level- 58 points per Judge. 174 points combined score max.