Rules and Guidelines



• No refunds. You may not transfer your registration to a different event. You may not transfer your registration to another competitor.

• No instructor may compete in any Novice category.

• We reserve the right to adjust your category up or down based on our knowledge of your skill set.

• Categories may be split if there are a large number of competitors. Category will be split by age.

• If you intentionally choose a lower level than you know you belong you may be moved or invited not to compete.

• Adult competitors may not be accompanied by any non-performer onstage during stage testing or backstage at any time. This includes children, spouses, coaches, and non-competing studio mates.

• If non-performer attendees who are closely associated with a performer (spouses, coaches, children, etc.) violate the Code of Conduct, the performer could be assessed deductions or disqualification at Aerialympics staff discretion.

• No cameras are permitted. Audience members may take pictures and video using phones only.

• No blocking the professional photographer or videographer.

• Do not enter or leave the audience area during a performance. There is ample time between each performance to change position as needed.

• If you place and cannot stay for the awards ceremony, you must make arrangements with someone who is staying to pick up your awards for you. No awards will be mailed by the Aerialympics staff.

• Schedules, venue, dates, categories, and all other aspects of the competition are subject to change. While we make every effort to adhere closely to announced details, unforeseen events may require adjustments within the competition structure. These will be communicated as early as possible and addressed in ways the Aerialympics staff feels will be least disruptive to competitors when possible.

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Floor Work

• Floor work is considered any time spent on the ground while not in contact with the apparatus.

• Floor work is not required for non-pole categories but it may greatly enhance your performance

• Floor work is not to exceed 15% of the performance for any non-pole category

Q: Do I get a free ticket the day/weekend I compete?

A. You can watch the show for free the day you perform! You will need a ticket to watch the other days of the event. Should we sell out of seats on the day you perform, you will be asked to give your complimentary seat to the people that have paid for tickets. (This is most common on the All-Star/ Exotic Night, so plan accordingly.) Performers are welcome to purchase a ticket if they prefer to ensure a seat.

In some venues we will offer VIP tables and select seating. Complimentary seating does not include these premium areas, even if an open seat is available in them. If you wish to have VIP or select seating, you must purchase a ticket for those seats.