All performers are expected to follow instructions given by the head rigger with regards to rigging safety. Failure to respond to instructions from the head rigger can result in disqualification.

No touching rigging! Performers may be disqualified and music stopped if touch is determined to result in an unsafe situation for performer, staff or guest.

Lyra competitors may use the spansets for choreography. Nothing above the spansets is permitted.

No additional people are permitted on stage with competitor from the time the music starts until it ends, except for approved human props. Additional people on stage will result in disqualification.

No additional people are permitted on stage with competitor during stage testing. Coaches will not be permitted onstage to provide coaching during stage testing. Coaches will not be permitted to spot moves at any time during stage testing or performance.

No additional people are permitted backstage or in dressing rooms EXCEPT in the case of minors. See the section on juniors for more details.

Doing moves outside of your category can result in disqualification and/or stopping your music.

Should you misjudge your height during stage testing such that our riggers consider a move will bring you dangerously close to the ground, we will adjust your height mid-drop.


If you have not set height outside of your training studio, please tell the head rigger so he can guide you through the process in more detail.

Should you fall: Do not move! Even if you think you are ok to do so, please remain still and where you are until a medic comes to you. Your music will be stopped and you will not be judged.

Restricted Moves

Restricted moves in aerial apparatus include the kamikaze drop, deadman drop in intermediate and open wrap drops in intermediate. No drops are permitted in any novice level. Jumping from pole to pole is not permitted at any level.

Crash Pad

We value your safety! Use of our crash pad is recommended for all levels and will not result in a deduction for any level.

The crash pad is 7’ X 7’ wide and 8” deep. It is somewhat firm.

You will be asked if you want to use the crash pad during check-in and again during your stage test. Should you desire to waive the use of the crash pad, you must sign a waiver.

Minors MUST use a crash pad for all non-pole divisions. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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