Trial Categories


Pole Dance

In this category you get to have the poles as your dance partners! This category is judged on dance and flow as well as technique and musicality.

Pole Dance 1

There are NO Inverts and NO Climbing the pole in this category. The only time you may be inverted is during your floor-work.

You may be touching the pole and inverted during your floor-work as long as it is a non-standing invert (i.e. a shoulder stall while touching the base of the pole).

Max time 3 minutes.

Pole Dance 2

In this division your body may never go higher than your head in height up the pole (standing next to it).

Flips and inverted moves with 2 points of contact are allowed, but not required, in this division as long as they are done from the floor.

Max time 3:30 minutes.

Q: What is an invert in the Pole Dance category?

A: An invert is defined as any time your hips are higher than your head.

Brittany Springtime Portland.jpg

Specialty Apparatus

We are so excited for the introduction of a specialty apparatus category!

This is an experimental division and as such it will be judged like its most similar looking “traditional apparatus” for now. Refer to rules and guidelines in the standard category that you feel is most similar to your apparatus when making decisions on what division you should enter for your apparatus.

Competitors will submit and bring their own unique apparatuses to the Aerialympics stage. Each apparatus is subject to safety and integrity testing by the Aerialympics Technical staff.

If your apparatus or associated rigging is deemed unsafe to rig by our head rigger, we will either replace your rigging with Aerialympics gear or decline to rig it. This testing will happen during stage testing.

No refunds will be given due to faulty or un-riggable apparatuses.

Specialty performers MUST attend stage testing. NO exceptions.

Q. Will apparatus in the Specialty category ever become standard divisions?

A. Yes! If we consistently receive enough registrations for a specific apparatus, we will create a new category dedicated to that apparatus.

Jane Air All Star Specialty PDX 2019.jpg