Non-Exotic Divisions

No stripping is permitted in ANY non-exotic division.

If you remove clothing, remaining clothing must meet minimum wardrobe requirements listed below and clothing removed must be approved as a prop.

Bottoms must cover the minimum a typical swimsuit bottom would cover and not be lower than the pelvic bones at beginning of routine. Tops must cover at least as much as a standard sports bra.

Normal riding up of clothing is understood; however, this movement is at the judges’ discretion and may result in deductions or disqualification.

Non-exotic divisions are considered family friendly. Be aware that children are in the audience and respect our efforts to make their families feel comfortable being part of our event.

“Wardrobe malfunctions” will not be tolerated. Should any private body parts be revealed while non-exotic performers are on stage (whether intentionally or unintentionally) you will receive deductions or disqualification.

Should the exposure be severe enough, your music may be stopped and you will be asked to leave the stage.


Exotic Divisions

Exotic performers are expected to meet local laws for bottoms (i.e. no G-strings). No topless routines are permitted. A minimum of pasties must be worn on top at all times. Boots allowed. Pasties MUST cover your entire areola. Should they fall off, it will result in deductions or disqualification. Any clothing stripped off is a prop.

Male-presenting performers are permitted to perform topless, although some have chosen to wear pasties in solidarity with their female-presenting counterparts. The Aerialympics leadership recognizes the gender struggles we all face in current society. We see and value each of you and welcome your input on these guidelines.

Underage performers and audience members will not be permitted to watch exotic divisions.

Fabrics Performers

Heels are not permitted in fabric categories.

NO sequins, zippers, or anything rough or jagged that may snag or tear the fabrics will be allowed.

If you are unsure please email us a photo and description.


Q: If I wear it or hold it the whole time, is it considered a prop or wardrobe?

A: Any items worn by competitors that are not a top or bottom is considered a prop and must be submitted for approval.

This does not include knee pads and shoes. Pole gloves ARE a prop and must be submitted.