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Welcome to the Aerialympics!

The Aerialympics is the largest aerial and pole competition in the US, and we are excited to be expanding even more! Our 2-day event includes beginner, intermediate, advanced, and all-star levels of aerial silks, lyra, aerial hammock, specialty apparatus and pole.

These include doubles and juniors divisions!


Salt Lake City, UT | Regionals at FitCon - April 12-13

Registration is Closed - Tickets Available

By special arrangement with the FitCon producers, attendance at Aerialympics FitCon is included in the price of your FitCon ticket! Go to the FitCon page to purchase admission: https://fitcon.com/tickets/

St. Louis, MO | Regionals - August 3-4

Registration Closes June 30, 2019

Salt Lake City, UT | NATIONALS - November 16-17

Registration Closes October 4, 2019

Aerialympics Nationals will still be an all levels, open submission competition. The winners of our All Star divisions from our other 2019 events will be invited to compete in our All Star Nationals division. Everyone is welcome to register and perform on stage no matter what their level is!