Code of Conduct


Competitors are expected to comport themselves in a way that positively represents Aerialympics and the pole and aerial arts community.

If you are not onstage or inside the curtained competitor backstage area you must be dressed appropriately in warmup or street clothes.

Public intoxication is not acceptable and you will not be allowed to compete if you display indications of alcohol consumption or drug use. This includes prescription medication that may make it unsafe for you to compete.

Language and comportment must be family friendly. This includes music (nonexotic), costuming, props, clothing and conversations held in public areas.

Please be respectful of families attending the events and help them feel comfortable learning more about the circus fitness, aerial arts, and pole community.

Competitors are expected to be honest in representing their levels and abilities. We reserve the right to switch competitors’ categories or invite you not to compete, depending on the level of misrepresentation.

Be respectful to the people hosting and running the competition. You are expected to respond positively to requests and instructions from the competition staff. This includes stage managers, judges, hosts, venue employees, and all other competition and venue personnel. This includes online behavior.

Competitors who violate the Code of Conduct can incur deductions, be disqualified, or invited not to participate in future Aerialympics events.

As with all live events, unexpected things happen. Please be patient with each step of the process and understand that we do our best to give you a great competition experience!

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