We are SO excited to have you become a part of our Aerialympics family! Competition can be a little overwhelming and we know you have many questions, so before you register, read the Rules and Categories pages. You can access them through links at the top or bottom of the page, or through the sections below. After you feel comfortable with what to expect, go to the Registration section and sign up.

Please search for answers prior to contacting us directly.



We understand the time it takes to read all the rules, and we know it can be frustrating when rules run counter to the creative ideas you might have for your performance. We hope, in these cases, you will use the competition's approach as a way to expand how you interact with your chosen apparatus. We cannot wait to see what you bring to stage and, as always, are grateful to have you on board! Click "Learn More" to understand the rules by which the Aerialympics competition is governed.



We offer different levels of competition in the categories of silks, hammock, lyra, and pole, based on experience and other factors. Click "Learn More" to find out where you fit!



Registration for the following 2019 Aerialympics events are now OPEN:

St. Louis, Missouri (Registration Deadline is June 30th)

Please read all rules before registering. Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. Now lets get you on stage and get in the air!

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Photo/Video Package

Competitors can receive 8-10 edited photos per package and/or one full video of performance, depending on the package chosen. Click "Purchase" below for details!