Judging is final. No discussion of judges’ decisions will be permitted. This includes online forums.

Aerialympics leadership and competition staff will not respond to email requests for explanations of judging feedback and scoring.

We make every effort to qualify judges. We understand that their comments and perspectives of your work might not align with yours or your coach’s but we urge you to accept judge comments as an opportunity to improve.

Each division is judged by a minimum of 3 judges who evaluate competitors in the entire division in order to increase fairness. You may receive points and deductions that are quite a bit higher or lower from one judge to another. This is due to individual judging styles and perspectives and is found in all subjective competitions.

Judging considers the following criteria:


  • Difficulty of Individual Moves

  • Difficulty of Combinations

  • Difficulty/Uniqueness of Transitions


  • Intentional Lines

  • Controlled Toes (Pointed or Flexed)

  • Control of Apparatus


  • Flow—Tricks/Spins/Floor to Apparatus, etc. and Musicality

  • Stage Presence Throughout with Character and/or Emotion


  • Balance of Program (Tricks/Spins/Strength/Flexibility)

  • Variety of Movements

  • Effectiveness of the Interpretation of the Music


  • Not Meeting the Criteria for Specific Division

  • Use of Unsecure/Unsafe Moves

  • Other (as specified by judges)

* Composition scores are used to resolve ties.

Total Points Possible Per Level

  • All Star: 135 points/judge. 405 points total max.

  • Advanced: 102 points/judge. 306 points total max.

  • Intermediate: 80 points/judge. 240 points total max.

  • Novice: 58 points/judge. 174 points total max.

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Deductions & Disqualification

Depending on severity and entirely at the discretion of Aerialympics senior staff, any of the following may result in deductions or disqualification.

  • Non-approved props

  • Non-family-friendly language

  • Exceeding maximum performance time

  • Disregarding instructions from competition staff, including volunteers

  • Disregarding instructions from the head rigger

  • Touching rigging (intentionally or otherwise)

  • Costume malfunction (intentionally or otherwise)

  • Intentional stripping during non-exotic performance (immediate disqualification)

  • Falls and slips (depending on severity—judges may stop performance)

  • Doing a move you are not executing properly, creating a safety concern (similar to falls and slips—judges may stop performance)

  • Performing a restricted move

  • Violation of the Code of Conduct

  • Plagiarism of choreography on your apparatus or on floor work

  • Disrespectful or demanding language or actions toward or about judges

  • Deductions are at the discretion of the judges and the amount deducted may vary between judges, just as the amount granted per criteria may vary between judges