Competitor Packet



Stage Testing

Aerialists - If you need to set the height of your apparatus then you must be at stage testing. If you do not come to stage testing then your apparatus will be set to 60 inches from the floor to the bottom of the apparatus. 

Please come to testing during your designated time frame and please be courteous to other performers. You will not have time for a full run of your piece and you will be sharing the stage with others. 

Be mindful that there could be over 100 of you that will need to stage test that day so please keep your testing to about 3-4 minutes ( exact length of time will be specified per event). You will need to chat with our Stage manager about starting position, crash mats, props, and anything else you need her to know pertaining to your routine. 

Please refer to the Competitor Packet if you are a non-pole dancer who will NOT be attending stage testing.

Crash Pads

We have crash pads for your safety. You are not required to have one on stage with you for your performance. If you choose NOT to have the crash pad you will sign a liability release form stating that you have chosen to not use it. If you are the guardian of a minor performing you will be responsible to sign the waivers. Pole dancers you will sign this waiver too. 

Check In

You MUST check in and sign all waivers BEFORE you get on the stage or go to the dressing rooms. You will check in at stage testing as you arrive, or the day you perform if you choose not to stage test. 

There will be a table with a sign that says "Performer check in" right as you walk in to the venue. Again, if you are the guardian of a minor you are responsible to check them in and sign all their waivers. 

Day of Performance Arrival

You MUST arrive early!! I recommend arriving 90 minutes before your estimated performance time. 

We could run up to an hour early and we will not hold the show for you. If you are not ready to perform when it is your turn (according to show flow, NOT listed time), you forfeit your placement. 

The stage manager's assistant will call for you when you are 2 performers away from your turn. Please be ready!


You are welcome to have water and sealed drinks backstage. Please be respectful of the venue space and clean up anything you bring, and please refrain from bringing entire (and smelly) meals backstage.  NO ALCOHOL until AFTER you perform. If you are seen drinking before you perform you will not be allowed on stage.  


Props are due as outlined in the Competitor Packet. No props will be approved after the due date. A prop is anything that is not a top or a bottom or comes off of your body (including tops and bottoms). This is true for the exotic divisions as well. 


Music is due on the date provided in the EMAILED packet after you have completed registration.

Please make sure you label it correctly AND check on link provided 48 hours after you have sent it to make sure it was received. 

All music that is late will be subject to a late fee and point deduction, per your competitor package. 

You can see all of the accepted music on the google share link! It is a live feed and you can see updates as I make them. Give me at least a day to update the master music list when you send me your songs. 

Photo/Video Packages

You can purchase photos/videos at the link above up to 2 weeks after the competition.


They will be edited and sent out in order of purchase. Please plan on 60-90 days for this.

 Watching the Show

You may watch the show for free the day you perform! Please understand that if we sell out completely you will be asked to give your seat to those who have purchased tickets. We see this most often with the all-star and exotic performance night. You are welcome to buy a ticket to ensure that you have a seat if you prefer. 


If you are responsible for a minor that is performing, they are allowed (and encouraged) to have 1 adult backstage with them. We love our junior competitors and want to support their efforts, but there is not enough space for more than 1 adult (parent OR coach) per minor, and it will become confusing to have more than this.

If you are not under 18, only you are allowed backstage! Not your spouse, not your hairstylist, coach, anyone.

Code of Conduct

Please refer to your competitor packet for more on this. Lets remember that some of our  performers are minors and young adults and we are preparing them for the future of our industry. Not to mention, people in general are often times (still) (eye roll emoji) very unsure on pole and aerial and we can be responsible for making them love it!

Sponsors & Vendors

We are still accepting sponsors and vendors! If you know or are involved with any local businesses that would love to advertise with us, please send them our way! 

Judges & Volunteers

We are looking for a few more judges with a great Aerial knowledge! Please have anyone that may be interested send me an email.

Volunteers are always needed! We need more pole cleaners, runners, judge assistants, performer wranglers, retail sales, all kinds of fun stuff! As a volunteer you get a free ticket to watch the day you volunteer and I am sure you'll get the added bonus of hearing me say something weird. Sign up to volunteer using the links at the bottom or top of this page.

Judge Cards

We have attached a sample judge card. It may look different than the one you receive back after competition, but the weighting will be the same. 

Please allow a couple of weeks for us to get them back after the competition.